The highest IMBd rated series on Netflix is confirmed to have a second season under production.

/ 28 November 2021

Riot confirmed that Arcane will be renewed for a second season, and production is underway. The announcement came last Saturday, along with a teaser for the second season’s storyline.

Watch the season 2 trailer here:

It appears Vi and Caitlyn will have more adventures next season, and their tale will revolve around them tracking down Jinx. It is also a giveaway fact that the three main characters will retain their original voice actresses, Hailee Steinfeld as Vi, Katie Leung as Caitlyn, and Ella Purnell as Jinx.

The Success of Arcane

As of writing, Arcane still reigns as the Most-watched series with a strong 9.4 IMDb rating, which is still higher than Squid Game, Breaking Bad, and Stranger Things. The show has managed to please both beginners and hardcore League of Legends fans with stunning, deep representations of fan-favorite characters and storylines. Personally, I love the series for the meticulousness of the details in the animation. Unlike traditional animation, characters are created with imperfection, which makes them more natural. Perhaps it is the human details that set Arcane apart from other shows. Viewers appreciate something that’s relatable, not perfect.

All nine episodes of Arcane Season 1 are now available for you to watch.