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The ADDUvocacy page on Facebook is serving up some real-life issues the youth faces today with bullying, domestic violence, and education equity at its core.

/ 11 November 2020

In every generation, the youth always faces a number of challenges on top of all the pressures that come with adolescence, making life decisions, and trying to pass all the subjects and requirements at once. Some are new, some ever-changing, and some have been a part of teenage and young adult years since the beginning of time.

However, the younger generations today are presented with even more complicated obstacles than the previous ones, as most of their social and academic lives are constantly changing in the face of technology, social media, policies, and now, the COVID-19 pandemic. These issues are concerns that are new to society, as we’re all still pretty much figuring everything out, and young people have to face the brunt of these changes without the guidance of people who have experienced it before.

This is something that the Ateneo de Davao Senior High School advocacy group ADDUvocacy, for Media and Information Literacy, works so hard to bring awareness to. That’s all the issues young students face traditionally, as well as new challenges that students need all the help and support with in order to overcome.

The page regularly produces and shares short films depicting a range of topics, all revolving around the various problems teenagers and young adults face in recent years: bullying, social media pressure, mental health, and so many more. A quick browse through their page is like taking a peek into the many burdens young people have today, and then some. ADDUvocacy not only sparks conversations on issues relating to education, but it also shines a light on universal concerns such as colorism in the Philippines, sustainable and zero-waste living, climate change, cat-calling, and more.

ADDUvocacy‘s initiative to open these discussions is a valuable move towards educating everyone, especially the youth, on such matters. Moreover, as the group presents these difficult topics in the form of short films, it highlights the creativity and passion of students and faculty members to reach out to their peers and participate in these causes. It also presents these themes in a more realistic and dynamic approach, showing viewers a deeper and more powerful look into these harsh realities. We can see that it works because of the impressive engagement numbers on their posts, ranging between the hundreds.

Some of their most popular films that you need to check out include tackling subjects on GLOBAL WARMING, ONLINE SHAMING, STAYING EDUCATED ON HUMAN RIGHTS, CYBERBULLYING, and EQUITY IN EDUCATION.