Campus Features


/ 23 July 2021

San Beda’s first virtual marketing expo entitled Traverse: Navigating Through the Facets of our Marketing World was hosted by the sophomore officers of the San Beda Junior Marketing Association last Saturday, June 19, via zoom. A total of 383 students taking up business courses attended the event, in partnership with professional student organizations like San Beda Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, Management and Entrepreneurship Society, and Human Resource Development Management Society. Traverse had 10 speakers — an opening keynote speaker, 8 breakout session speakers, and a closing keynote speaker.JU

The title and theme of the event was inspired from the organization’s goal to provide directions or present different approaches and relevance of marketing in the different industries.

Mr. Aleem Sidqui Guiapal, the Group Manager of Promotions and Press Relations Group of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), opened the event with his presentation about the challenges of marketing in the different industries today. He emphasized the importance of understanding the needs and demands of online users, maintaining the value proposition and keeping your credibility as an organization or someone who is part of an industry which is considered the challenge in value creation.

The second part of the event were breakout room sessions that featured guest speakers from famous companies like Tier One Entertainment, and speakers representing developing businesses and brands. They were able to engage with the attendees through their discussions and promotions in respective breakout sessions. The speakers were Mr. Karl Patacsil who talked about how start-up filmmakers make use of marketing techniques, Mr. Noel Vicente of Pick.A.Roo for the food delivery apps that feed the eyes of consumers through marketing, Ms. Mafae Yunon-Belasco talked about increasing brand awareness through partnerships, Mr. Albert Guallar for marketing new artists in audio streaming platforms; Mr. Lord Jann Christian Bungcaras talked about advertising sustainable fashion or greenwashing, Mr. Stephen Tardecilla of Forever Healthy Products tackled promoting a healthy lifestyle in battling COVID-19, Ms. Regine Borja Guevarra of AsiaTV for how travel vlogs accentuate tourism marketing, and Mr. David Brian Dacanay of SEA Tier One Entertainment on positioning egames as a sport today.