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For these shops, nude pottery is more than just an art crafted for garden decoration.

/ 27 November 2020

Modern media has reshaped our concept of beauty whether we’d like to admit or not– women on magazines and the Internet are often seen in their perfectly-tanned skin, thick wavy hair, and proportional bodies.

The Internet age flourished in so many ways but it has undeniably affected the confidence of so many men and women as well. 

In a story from Body Image, young women often compare their overall appearance negatively with other women online. The study surveyed 227 female college students and found that “positive relationship between Facebook usage and body image concerns, which was mediated by appearance comparisons in general, frequency of comparisons to close friends and distant peers, and by upward comparisons to distant peers and celebrities.”

If you think you could relate to these people, there are many ways to bring your mojo back and these local Instagram shops will help you start through their nude pots!




Fritz Amiel Burwell, the woman behind Nude Pots PH, has had her fair share of insecurities. “I have been through those teenage crises where I was conscious about my body weight and size.” 

Burwell says she was only able to embrace who she is when she started accepting herself. “I guess that’s what it’s supposed to be like, start by improving yourself and accepting what you have and start to see what others don’t–embracing the things that are given to you would be a good start. Once you accept it, you’ll see what you should have loved a long time ago..yourself.”

For Burwell, her nude pots highlight the beauty of the human body and promote diversity through its varying sizes, shapes, and colors. 

“That is why Nude Pots PH continues to make different designs that would let people see the beauty of the uniqueness,” Burwell shares. “It is not about how perfect you would look depending on what others would say.”


MUNI HARDIN (@muni.hardin)



Muni Hardin highlights the beauty of diversity. “Nude pots are different from every other store, and that’s the beauty of it, each one stands out by just being uniquely crafted,” the shop writes.

The pots from Muni Hardin include different colored “boobie pots” and “butt pots.”  The shop also offers gardening tools and clay pots with abstract botanical designs. “[Initially] we wanted it to be an online plant studio, however, we decided to focus on plant accessories instead, specifically hand painted clay pots.”

For Muni Hardin, their boobie and butt pots are mere reminders that men and women should celebrate their bodies regardless of their sizes and appearances. The shop hopes that their products would empower people and not contribute to the seemingly-endless cycle of objectifying bodies.

“There are a lot of things involved with regards to feminism and body positivity, but one of the most important is that it is never okay to sexually objectify women, and one’s body type or colour should not equate to one’s worth. Each body is different, and that is completely normal,” the shop says.