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These days, filters are layered on top of photos and videos to make it look "beautiful". But is it enough for the rest of the world's dying environment?

/ 23 June 2021

It’s easier to augment reality now more than ever with app filters accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Often, it’s used to amuse and beautify—to hide a zit, enhance certain facial features, or turn a background into a whole new world.

In its latest spot for Allianz PNB Life, an insurance company with sustainability at its core, independent Philippine ad agency GIGIL used filters to reveal a dark reality about the environment.

At first glance, the film is a visual treat—cinematic visuals of nature covered in cute, familiar filters, coupled with happy-go-lucky music. But then it breaks your heart a little when you realize, it’s actually wastewater coming out of the pipes, and not a rainbow. And the cute crab with cartoon eyes is struggling because of the plastic stuck in between its claws. 

The irony hits you. The filters are actually attempting to “beautify” the destruction of Mother Nature.

The thought-provoking film leaves viewers with the message that the world can’t be fixed with a filter, but they can help make it better with a policy from Allianz.

Still courtesy of GIGIL

Allianz truly lives up to its tagline, “Confidence in Tomorrow.” As of 2020, Allianz has already invested over Php 420.16 billion in renewable energy projects, and protected over 49 million vulnerable people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America through various sustainability initiatives. 

Locally, Allianz PNB Life has implemented Ride Safe in the cities of Manila and San Juan, to empower bikers and encourage more to take the road. Along with artfully designed bike racks, they were also able to launch the country’s first solar-powered bike pit stop.

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Chief Marketing Officer – Gino Riola

Digital Brand Management Head – Kenneth Yu

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist – Raph Banico



Chief Creative Officer – Badong Abesamis

Chief Creative Officer – Herbert Hernandez

Associate Creative Director – Leslie Cua

Senior Art Director – JR Bumanglag

Art Director – Maggie Querido

Copywriter – Nikka Melchor

Account Director – Micco Balana

Managing Partner – Jake Yrastorza

Agency Producer – Cheese Bagnes



Production House: Go Motion

Director – Joel Bohol