The inevitable future holds for young athletes

The announced cancellation of the 2020 Palarong Pambansa has fixed young athletes in a standstill waiting whether they can play again.

/ 10 October 2020

It is unprecedented to see all the usual athletic activities put on pause, particularly Palarong Pambansa that united tribes of young athletes to showcase their competitive sporting skills. And while the world is still fighting against the Covid19. The question is: What will happen to the athletes now that there is an increasing possibility of no tournaments until the end of the year or next year?

Earlier this year, before Covid19 cases were still undersized, the anticipated sports tournaments and leagues ongoing or scheduled had announced its cancellation and postponement.  

Palarong Pambansa, the annual multisport competition for elementary and high school, is one of these sporting events that was called off upon the occurrence of the first few coronavirus cases.

As the sports meet would have happened at Marikina City, the postponement of the tournament to the possibility of its resumption is still a discussion.

Unlike the Professional leagues like PBA who are permitted by the government to start bubble training, it is still unforeseeable for any national and regional student sports activities to proceed to any tournament.

These means no sports at all for elementary and high school students. Honestly, we’ll never know when the suspension will lift. We’ll never know who will go home with the trophy, or who among the annual sports competition participants will be recruited by colleges and universities to play with them in collegiate ranks.

In short, there will be no news of sports for these young athletes if Ms. Corona keeps on killing people.

As much as sports enthusiasts want to go to arenas and join thousands of people in the crowd generating chants, athletes are more likely skeptical of whether they want to play with the virus sneaking around.

With sports giving good diversion to our lives, it keeps people entertained where is what we needed in times of crisis. However, when it comes to health and safety, we don’t want people to increase the anxiety of possible virus transmission during an athletic event.

These young athletes begin to fear accepting reality as it brings an impact on their future athletic careers.

For the whole welfare of these young athletes, it is critical to adapt, repurpose, and hang on to what is more relevant today. 

In other countries, they begin to roll back their sports. But with the virus cases in the country keeps on increasing, there is a clear line that any games for these young athletes won’t happen this time of year.

We can see how the future is changing, but it is hard to predict and conclude. Therefore, it is an athlete’s responsibility to educate themselves to engage and find new goals to keep the progress growing as an athlete.