The long-standing problem in the Philippine Volleyball will finally have a solution with the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) demanding the establishment of the National Sports Association (NSA) for volleyball before its world congress.

/ 24 January 2021

Years have passed since the undying rivalry between Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas Inc. (LVPI) and the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) for the legitimate NSA title in the Philippines. Which continues to damage the future of Philippine volleyball.

In response to the urgent request included in a letter from FIVB last December, the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) vanguard the election of the new NSA later this month along with volleyball stakeholders.

Since there is a lack of a Philippine governing body for volleyball, there has always been confusion for whose federation to send national teams on FIVB sanctioned Olympics abroad. In order to eradicate the point of issue, FIVB General director, Fabio Azevedo buried the hatchet and requested to hold a democratic election before FIVB general assembly in February.

The decision to legitimize the official NSA will make a favorable decision to the Philippines in terms of sending national team players to international tournaments.

The development leads to Ramon ‘Tats’ Suzara of Alliances of Philippine Volleyball Incorporated’s (AVPI) as the groomed interim president of the new Philippine national volleyball association.

Sources confirmed that 13 positions will complete the inaugural executive board of the new NSA named Philippine National Volleyball Association.

Four members with pre-designated positions each will be given to LVPI, PVF, and AVPI, and the 13th position to be given to a POC representative. The reformation was rather disappointing to some because as you see positions have already been given to each federation without the proper casting of votes and elections.

Although the politicking of personal gains is present, building the new NSA could give the opportunity to bring back the volleyball sports after the long break since the last playdate last March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the sake of unity in Philippine volleyball, LVPI president Joey Romasanta revealed that LVPI will no longer contest in the new volleyball federation in the condition of recovering back the $80,000 (estimated at roughly P3.8 million) payment to PVF debt in exchange for its recognition last 2015.

Since that new FIVB asked for the establishment of the new NSA for volleyball in the Philippines, this predetermined the revocation of the LVPI temporary license. And with that, all payments made should be given back to LVPI from FIVB now that they want a new NSA for volleyball. Thankfully, POC has given LVPI its support in securing back the money.

Even with opposition efforts from different clubs and federation, a unification opportunity should still be proceeding. After all, everything is for the good fortune for the outlook of Philippine volleyball.