The trend in the attraction of online gaming is widespread. And the industry started investing in an Esport formal educational course program.

/ 8 June 2021

Earlier this year, Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) together with Tier One Entertainment, a Southeast Asian gaming industry giant, released to the public the establishment of the newest BS Esports program in the country. 

According to Tryke Gutierrez, co-founder of Tier One Entertainment, the offered specialized education was designed not for streamers but the back-end workers of the industry. 

LPU also allowed a two-year course for Associate in Esports and Game design and a full four-year course for Bachelor of Science in Esports. 

The development course offers two tracks: Esports Management and Game Design and Development. The former is for team management, marketing, and tournaments. While the latter will be centered on design and game development. 

Higher education institutions focus on helping and developing students to achieve a certain learning objective. And offering digital sports courses help students in integrating gaming as something more useful for someone’s career in the future. 

Although, focused only on the people who have the willingness to dedicate their future careers to helping the gaming industry to grow. The course offers jobs such as game designers, management jobs, game testers, and marketing. 

Gaming and offering an educational curriculum with it is not a problem, for it is interesting to improve coordination and connectivity. But I think the course is not practical enough if you’ll give an edge to it. 

If you’ll want to acquire the marketing and management part of the course, why not take a full course that gets on the beam with it. Or if you want to be a game developer, why not study for a coding and computer program. 

Yes, the digital gaming industry is rapidly maturing and is now integrated into the educational process of a student. But to think that there are other better options to take that will bring a wider career for students makes the hesitation and doubt higher for the future of the newly offered program. 

Uprightly, the course is best as a supplementary course or can be a unit/s in college, not a full four-year course. Because doubters are still not convinced of what the future can offer in terms of future jobs and other technical career affairs. 

Guess we’ll have to wait until someone has graduated from the course and give good retaliation to the program. 

Honestly, if a student wants to learn something about digital design, management, and development, BS Esports will not be the first choice. Only gaming people would be willing to take an interest and would enroll in the curriculum.  

Even Gutierrez has mentioned that completing the course will not guarantee the student a promising job in the future and just wants a good contribution to the industry. 

I get it that digital gaming is rapidly growing and would be more thriving in the future but frankly speaking, the full course is still too soon and is way better if it is first a subject or a unit/s in some college degrees. 

Making your leisure as your actual career is good because the person gets to enjoy it while acquiring checks. But experimenting in a four-year course program is still too much to be called a full course curriculum. 

Still, LPU and Tier One Entertainment have plenty to offer. From internships and lectures. After all, this still goes down to the course preference of the student who will be taking the program.