/ 9 July 2021

THREE third year animation students of the iACADEMY placed 1st runner-up in the Digital Art category of EU Whiz: Filipino Youth of the fEUture Competition 2021.

The work submitted by Nicole Anna Argañosa, Elisha Gabrielle Briones, and Mesfin Bram Diosina titled “Colors of Nature” bested 179 entries.

It showcased a young persona painting a future lined with skyscrapers set against a lush green jungle, depicting the coexistence of green economies powered both by nature and technological innovation.

“We look forward to a future where we can protect our environment while we move towards technological and industrial development. We hope neglect for nature would be a thing in the past. Similar to the persona in our entry, as the youth of today we carry the task of ensuring such a future comes from a generation of visionaries and artists like us,” the group said.

Romuald Titus Romero, the group’s mentor and iACADEMY professor, shared that the students were determined to accept the challenge despite having to accomplish their thesis and other school requirements alongside the competition.

“I was a witness to their unwavering spirits. As their professor, I am so proud to see that iACADEMY has nurtured them to have the heart and courage to rise up to the challenges presented to them. That, for me, is the essence of being a game changer,” he said.

EU Whiz is the annual inter-collegiate competition hosted by the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines. The competitions are open to Filipino students currently enrolled in Philippine universities for academic year 2021.

EU Whiz aims to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of subjects focused on the shared values of the European Union and the Philippines such as development, green economy, and sustainability.