The Bleachers


PETITIONS surfaced against Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) president Philip Ella Juico following the issue with Olympian Pole Vaulter EJ Obiena.

/ 6 January 2022

La Sallian Youth for Obiena started a petition to declare Juico persona non grata in De La Salle University System.

“The school where Philip Ella Juico, a “distinguished alumni” studied and headed should admonish Juico to practice Lasallian Values, protect the youth and country’s interest ahead of personal ambitions and declare him persona non-grata for violating Lasallian Values and the Olympic Charter,” said the petition.

Another petition from the youth group is for DLSU Alumni Association to remove Juico from the 2001 DLSAA Sports Hall of Fame Awardee for National Sports Programs.

Meanwhile, Obiena released a statement through social media following PATAFA’s recommendation to drop him from the national pool and the filing of an estafa complaint against the national athlete.

“I do not jump for Mr. Philip Ella Juico or the PATAFA. I jump for my beloved nation. Ako ay atletang Pilipino. Tumatalon ako para sa Pilipinas at sa lahat ng aking kababayan,” said Obiena who ranked 3rd in the World Athletics’ top performers of 2021.

Currently, over 800 people have signed the petition on