/ 12 August 2020

TO ENSURE earning continuity and the safety of students during the Covid19 pandemic, AMA Education System —-the country’s pioneer in IT education—said it has temporarily shifted from the physical classroom to a 100 percent online set-up, allowing students to study from home for the academic year 2020-2021.

“The shift for schools in our network is not drastic as our systems have long incorporated e-learning and online tools,” said Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Founder and Chairman of AMAES and considered as the Father of IT Education in the Philippines.

Dr. Aguiluz reiterated the readiness of AMAES for educational continuity, highlighting the expertise and experience of its faculty with digital learning systems.

Aside from pioneering IT education in the country, AMAES started using e-learning tools in its campuses as early as the mid-1990s. In 2004, it  introduced blended learning, where along with physical classes, students were able to learn from lectures conducted from a central location in Metro Manila beamed via satellite to over 200 campuses worldwide.

With the improvement of digital technology in recent years, AMAES’ blended learning has since evolved to where students spend three days attending classes in its schools and the other days studying through online-based lectures and modules–helping students have more control of their time.

As the unfolding health crisis requires a safety-first approach for schools, AMAES shifted its current school year to 100 percent online, ensuring learning continuity for its students.

“Our goal as an institution has always been to bring education closer to more Filipinos. With our expertise in IT and using digital tools to deliver quality education, we assure both parents and students that schools under our network are here to serve you, a hundred percent, through our online platform,” said Dr. Aguiluz.

During this pivot to 100 percent online learning, the school network is also preparing its campuses when quarantine restrictions are lifted.

When government policies allow, AMAES schools will have computer rooms and laboratories open for student use. These facilities are currently being redesigned to ensure these meet health and safety standards set by authorities and that strict safety protocols are observed once operational.

For students who are interested to study through this 100 percent online learning offering, they need to pre-register through the AMA Education System website, Once qualified, students can then enroll in Senior High School, and Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business, Communication, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Programs and Information Technology-based college courses.