The Bleachers


Dwight Ramos had to let go of playing for the Blue Eagles and decided to go pro in the Japan B.League, but still, he believes that Ateneo will still be a strong team even without him.

/ 19 September 2021

The 6-foot-4 guard Ramos, initially came to the Philippines intended to play and represent Ateneo. 

In an interview with Noli Eala’s Power and Play, Ramos said it was his priority to play for the team. 

However, Ramos decided not to stay with the Blue Eagles as he was not getting any younger.

The 23-year-old guard still had what ifs if he were to stay and proudly said that as a player of Ateneo competing in what could have been a UAAP season, the team could easily win a title.

“To be honest, in my opinion, I think we would have won the title for sure,” Ramos said. 

Ramos added that he’s no longer getting younger and had to pursue other opportunities by which Ateneo clearly understands.

Despite the what-ifs and what could have-beens, Ramos appraised how the school remains and will remain strong.

“Even without me, that team is really strong and they have a lot of new guys. Everybody’s just been working hard so I think even without me that team is gonna be super strong too,” said Ramos.

Dwight was looking forward to playing with his brother Eli in the UAAP, but with his changed career path, what he can do for now is to watch his brother play and compete in the UAAP and wait for the time where they can play professionally alongside. 

“I really wanted to play for Ateneo because I really wanted to play with my brother there and share that whole Ateneo and UAAP experience,” said Dwight.

“I’m excited to watch them when the season starts!”

Meanwhile, Joshua Lazaro, Forthsky Padrigao, Chris Koon, and Andrew Bongo could still play for Blue Eagles when season 84 resumes.

They are joined by Ange Kouame, SJ Belangel, Gian Mamuyac, Tyler Tio, Raffy Verano, Jolo Mendoza, Matthew Daves, and many recruits led by transferee Dave Ildefonso.