The Bleachers


Arellano University opened their NCAA Season 97 seniors’ basketball campaign with a win over San Sebastian College - Recollectos yesterday at La Salle Greenhills but lost one of their core players, Justin Arana, to an injury.

/ 28 March 2022

San Sebastian and Arellano tried to find their plays in the early game but failed as both missed their first opportunity for a basket as the former missed the shot on three while the latter wasted the possession for stepping on the sideline after a prior attempt on three.

Arana easily showed the first rejection to the Golden Stags with just a bygone of two minutes but Ichie Altamirano succeeded to register the first point that gave the adrenaline rush to the Stags to finish the first quarter with a one-point advantage.

The Chiefs and Golden stags went for a score-for-score shot in the second frame as Arana and Altamirano gave a total of 16 points on their respective teams that went on not until the 6:40 minutes on the marker, 19-18. 

San Sebastian was able to get away from Arellano with nine points but that did not last as the second quarter ended by 29-33. The Stags continued the domination even in the third frame as the Chiefs fell behind by twin digits for a 36-46 deficit.

Starting the last quarter with eight points to close, the Chiefs pushed for pressure and turned the tables around after Gelo Sablan gave a straight-away three from the assist of Jordan Sta. Ana, 62-60 with almost three minutes left.

Trying to clinch the win, Arana went down while holding his knee at the 1:49 mark after tapping the ball for a battle of the board against Jesse Sumoda.

And with the reigning defensive player in Arana iced on the bench, Sumoda perfectly registered a ringless three to put the Stags into an advantage, 62-63 but the Chiefs had enough time to recover with one minute to go and so Sablan did with his two free throw shots 64-63.

Only 30 seconds left and the Stags tried to stop the Chiefs in extending the lead with a foul to Sta. Ana but missed the two free throws. Yet Axel Doromal finished the job with his one successful free throw shot with 3.6 seconds remaining. 

Michael Are went for a buzzer-beater of a clutch of three but came out of bounds to give the win to the Chiefs, 65-63

The scores: 

Arellano 65 – Arana 16, Sta. Ana 14, Valencia 9, Sablan 8, Doromal 7, Talampas 2, Carandang 2, Uri 2, Caballero 2, Abastillas 2, Concepcion 1, Oliva 0, Steinl 0, Dela Cruz 0. 

San Sebastian 63 – Altamirano 16, Calma 13, Villapando 10, Calahat 8, Sumoda 8, Are 4, Una 2, Desoyo 2, Ra. Gabat 0, Cosari 0, Re. Gabat 0, Loristo 0. 

Quarter scores: 13-14; 29-33; 45-53; 65-63.