OB Esports x Neon has bid farewell to Rolen Andrei Gabriel ‘ctm/Skem’ Ong and Erin Jasper 'Yopaj' Ferrer, the team announced on its social media.

/ 1 September 2021

On separate posts, Neon aired its farewell to the two players, noting their long stint with the team.

Skem initially joined Neon in 2019, and was back and forth, until finally returning in 2020 and having to play multiple roles in the team.

Yopaj, on the other hand, has been with the team since its inception. He played almost 1300 games with the team, Neon said on Facebook.

“After almost 1,300 games, all good things come to an end. Yopaj has been an incredible player for us over the last 3 years and we wish him all the best on the next step in his journey, Godspeed!” Neon said on a farewell post for the player.

“Today we announce the departure of [Skem]. SkemDota has been with us a long time and has played an integral role in our rise to becoming one of the strongest teams in Southeast Asia. We wish Andrei all the best in the future. GLHF!” the team wrote.

Meanwhile, the team is left with three players and has yet to make a formal announcement regarding the players’ replacement.