Nothing can stop the new world’s no.1 eKATA, James De Los Santos from bagging his 23rd gold medal in his pocket after topping the Golden League Karate e-Tournament No. 3, despite not being in a 100-percent state.

/ 26 November 2020

Despite not being in his top shape, De Los Santos continues to rampage in the ongoing SportData E-Kata World Series which the league’s result came out on Tuesday.

“I have to admit that I was feeling under the weather (it’s not covid-19) during this finals, but I still performed and ended up winning my 23rd gold,” he wrote on his social media accounts.

He also stated that he is grateful that he tested negative for Covid-19 during an appearance on the TV Show, Eat Bulaga, a few days back.

“I am also glad to say that I was declared NEGATIVE after my Covid-19 test results came out, given that I was usually out for the virtual tournaments and other errands for the past 8 months since the lockdown began. But the virus is still out there, so it’s still highly necessary to follow the safety protocols,” he continued.

In the tournament, de Los Santos bested ranked third in the world, Swiss e-Kata player Matias Moreno-Domont in the semifinals before moving on to the gold medal match against American e-Kata player Alfredo Bustamante, who is ranked sixth in the world.

De los Santos overcame Bustamante in the Finals with a score of 25.7 using Unsu – 24.3 also with Suparinpei.

As of the moment, our Filipino pride has a total of 11,920 points while the closest to him is Portuguese Eduardo Garcia, who is the world’s No. 2 has 8,740 points, and Moreno-Domont, who is the world’s No. 3 with 5,775 points.