The International Olympic Committee (IOC) convinced the body calling for the cancellation of the Olympics and Paralympics that the mounting of the games will be safe for athletes and the hosting country.

/ 21 May 2021

With Japan on its fourth wave of infection and slow vaccination campaign with only about 1-2 percent of the Japanese population fully vaccinated, opposition to the Olympics are calling for the cancellation of the games as it has the risk of increasing the numbers of infected people and deaths.

“Viruses are spread by people’s movements. Japan will hold a heavy responsibility if the Olympics and Paralympics work to worsen the pandemic, increasing the number of those who must suffer and die,” the letter read from the Tokyo Medical Practitioners’ Association.

However, no indication from the Olympic organizing committee that it will be heeding the call of the medical body and will be proceeding with the Tokyo Games assuring them that strong COVID precautions to be followed.

“Together with our Japanese partners and friends, I can only re-emphasize this full commitment of the IOC to organize together safe Olympic and Paralympic games for everybody. To accomplish this, we are now fully focused on the delivery of the Olympic Games,” IOC President Thomas Bach said.

According to Bach, IOC has offered to provide additional medical personnel to support the implementation of Covid measures alongside the Tokyo government to ensure the public safety of the Japanese.

The Olympics are to open on July 23 with the Paralympics kicking off on August 24.