Gilas head coach Tab Baldwin was fired up by Korean mentor Cho Sang-hyun’s comment on the PH’s win that sprung only to a ‘lucky shot.’

/ 19 June 2021

“We actually planned out all the switches for the last two seconds so that there is no space for taking the shot but it was a lucky shot so there was nothing we had to fix,” Cho said in Korean during the post-game press conference that was translated by an interpreter.

“But maybe the second thought we could have done was a trap but overall, it was a lucky shot,” he added referring to SJ Belangel’s off-balance three-pointer winning shot, 81-78.

Coach Baldwin won’t just sit back and accept the negative remarks of Cho saying that there’s no way that they are going to the court just to lose.

“Frankly, I think that’s pretty rich of any coach to walk off a game in which you lose and to claim that it was good luck on the part of your opponent.”

The decorated mentor also assured that the rematch game will not get any friendlier and will show that there’s no such thing as ‘lucky shot.’

“So we will make sure that that is highlighted and I’m sure that that will give our players a little bit of extra incentive,” he shared.

“I don’t expect that we would be going out there to make friends on Sunday.”