The student from the University of Cebu who is set to compete at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games have arrived in Japan on Wednesday.

/ 15 July 2021

Elreen Ando along with her coach is now set and under mandatory quarantine and will undergo proper medical procedures

She will compete at the weightlifting competition which will be held on the 27th of July.

An official from the UC aired her support for Ando and wished her all the best.

“Elreen will be competing in weightlifting in the Tokyo Olympics. The OLYMPICS. The stage for the world’s best athletes,” University of Cebu Medical Center President Candice Gotianuy said on Facebook.

“As a child, I used to admire these men and women who made it to the Olympics. 

Now we have one. Never in my wildest dreams did [I] think that UC would produce an Olympian! I’m still in disbelief 💕 but I’m very, very proud of her!,” She added.