Letters of Youth


/ 8 November 2021

The days have gone by and all I can do is buy time
I never once thought that we’d be able to rhyme
Yet with you saying that I’m a lot more precious than a dime,
I’ve decided to lower my ego for a while to adore your style
The style I’ve seen you wearing across every mile

You have a knack of ruining a romantic scene
Yet I guess love is bittersweet as it has always been
With every glance, you appear as someone so keen
With every thought, I can’t stop being happier
In a daydream, I hope we’d walk further and farther

There are ups and downs, straights and curves
Yet I want to believe in you and embrace love’s own verbs
The pressure is boiling and it’s getting on my nerves
Yet all I can do is trust you since I’d already played my card
Hoping that it’ll turn out right even if they call me a retard

I made a lot of cancels and may have asked so many whys
I also had second thoughts and has rolled a massive dice, twice
But this time I hope I’ll no longer make invisible goodbyes
For it might be the last handwave that would stab my chest a lot
And if I’m the one to do it, I would leave with none and just a dot

To many, it might sound so harsh and that I’m one with a cold heart
Yet I want to stop seeing someone off to pretend being strangers with no restart
I have stayed silent, but I never stabbed with a dagger nor have thrown a dart
I sincerely ask for no reclaim, what I want is just a single receipt
A transparent receipt for the love given, not bought for I seek no entry of deceit

With a single look, I knew that you are the visibility of love with no reluctance
As quick as my pace, you aligned your feet to mine not mindful of the distance
And so, the universe boldly grasp that what we have isn’t just a paralleled romance
You never failed to see through my angle in a tilted monochrome and now, I smile
Before I felt life’s pain, it’s the smile I used to have that vanished for a long while

Brighter than the sun, I found a new set of coordinates between you and me
Have also been in a meter radius around you while you watched in glee
I think it’s time to unlock this frozen heart and spark a glint of hope as I began to see
The exact reason why I should reciprocate the aroma of your fragrant devotion
Making my heart almost emerge from my bosom initiating a long-lasting revolution