Sta. Lucia Lady Realtors has released four of its players in Royse Tubino, Aie Gannaban, Regine Arocha, and Marist Layug as announced on their Facebook page.

/ 12 January 2021

The club team opted not to renew the contract of the four, including Arocha and Layug who have not played a single game for the Lady Realtors.

“Your time as Lady Realtors was short but memorable to the Sta. Lucia family for sure,” read the team’s statement.

Nonetheless, the team is thankful for the services of the quartet, “Thank you, Royse, Regine, Marist, and Aie! We wish you the best in whatever is next. May you find GREENER pasture that will lead you to more GOLDEN moments.”

Despite the short stint with Sta. Lucia, the 5-foot-9 Tubino was a pivotal part of the team’s silver medal finish in the 2020 PSL Super Cup.

Both Tubino and Gannaban was with Sta. Lucia from the start of 2020 was part of the lineup in the short-lived 2020 Grand Prix.

While Arocha and Layug signed with the team back in June, although they weren’t able to play a single game.

The release of these four players will make way for the new recruits of Sta. Lucia in former Petro Gazz Angels Jonah Sabete, Jovy Prado, and Kai Nepomuceno-Baloaloa.

PSL is eyeing to restart the league in March 2021 of this year.