The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) set a deadline for EJ Obiena and the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (Patafa) to submit a mediation after being involved in the alleged non-payment to coach Vitaly Petrov on time.

/ 30 November 2021

PSC has finally intervened and asked both two parties to submit to mediation.

PSC chairman William Ramirez affirmed that mediation will be beneficial to both parties as well as to the Filipinos.

“Mediation is the best option for now so the parties can reconcile, open communication lines, and continue the work that needs to be done,” Ramirez said.

While noting that his role is not to decide who is right or wrong but to reconcile and build a bridge for efficient communication of the two parties

“The parties owe it to the government and the Filipino people to resolve the issues amicably. A failed mediation will be detrimental to both parties,” he said. 

“As an elder of the Philippine sports community, I am asking them to submit to mediation for their mutual benefit.”

Patafa President Philip Juico, on the other hand, gave a statement to CNN Philippines last 25th of November that there’s no need for mediation.

“In the first place, there’s no need for mediation because no one is fighting. We just said we discovered something, that his coach and sponsor did not receive payment,” Juico said.