/ 13 August 2023

THE Development Academy of the Philippines opened its program of Master in Public Management for 21 scholars of the House of Representatives.

Senior Deputy Speaker Aurelio Gonzales Jr. personally and on behalf of Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, congratulated the scholars.

Acknowledging that studying and working may be daunting, Gonzales nonetheless urged scholars to persevere and strive for excellence to ensure the quality of work does not suffer on either ends.
He also took the opportunity to thank the DAP for helping enhance the capabilities of the HRep staff.

OIC Secretary General and Finance Department Deputy Secretary General Dante Roberto Maling, meanwhile, impressed on the HRep scholars that they are given a rare opportunity to acquire new knowledge, management skills, and leadership competence at no personal expense.

Maling also encouraged them to always go back to reason why they applied, and think about who could potentially benefit from them completing and learning from the MPM program.

DAP Graduate School of Public and Development Management Dean Dr. Lizan Perante-Calina shared the MPM course should help students come up with innovative solutions to issues encountered by the various departments within the HRep.

She expressed her eagerness to see the scholars succeed.

The DAP MPM is a 39-unit interdisciplinary graduate program for development practitioners.