/ 29 July 2023

SEVERAL student groups asked the University of the East to delay the opening of classes for Academic Year 2023-2024 saying most learners are not ready to attend classes due to personal concerns.

Classes in the university are set to open on August 2. The UE Manila University Student Council asked that it be moved to August 7.

The group said that many students are having trouble finding dormitories.

“It only makes sense to move up the start of the school year to offer students plenty of time to find their own dorms,” it added.

“USC launched an initiative to help students in need of educational and financial assistance. To that end, the student body had been receiving messages from students from various colleges requesting assistance. We believe it is critical that the university be able to accommodate these students, not by providing monetary assistance, but by taking into account their financial situation,” the council said in a letter.

“There is a greater chance of seeing more enrollees if students were given more time to enroll due to the time allowance for preparation, especially those who are currently in their hometowns and those experiencing financial difficulties,” it added.

USC also asked the release of policies and guidelines for the upcoming academic year, especially those related “to the control and prevention of Covid19 and academic classes.”

“According to our opinion, students shouldn’t enter an institution of learning without sufficient guidance that could have an impact on their academic and physical health. The students have a right to accurate information delivered on time,” the group said.

The UE Caloocan Central Student Council, meanwhile, asked the Commission on Higher Education to advise the school administration to postpone the opening of classes.

CSC said that students who were affected by Typhoon Egay are unable to return to Metro Manila immediately for enrollment.