Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (Patafa) president Philip Ella Juico called into question the decision of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC)0 executive board after declaring him persona non grata as a result of the dispute between the federation and pole vaulter EJ Obiena.

/ 30 December 2021

In an interview with Christian Esguerra in the ANC program After The Fact on Wednesday, Juico challenged the decision made by POC.

“Of course, we will fight it,” said Juico.

Juico argued that the POC was not in the right position in the time being to intervene as the spat between PATAFA and Obiena is an ‘intra-NSA’ or internal dispute.

“When they asked me to attend a hearing and so-called clarificatory meeting we attended, we said that this is not within their jurisdiction.

“This is an intra-NSA issue and under their own constitution, such intra-NSA issues are be resolved first within the NSA and only when there is no satisfactory solution can the POC come in,” Juico added.

Even though 10 out of the 12 members of the executive board of POC voted to declare Juico as a persona non grata, the latter refused to accept citing that the issue at hand is not him against Obiena.

Juico added that as Obiena was ‘harassed’ and received ‘malicious public statements’ should be against the institution as a whole, and bared that there is no harassment since the parties involved were under investigation.

“They say that this is not an intra-NSA because Mr. Obiena complained about my harassment of him as president but he is a member of the Patafa so it’s an issue between the management and the board in this case and him. It’s not me against him. It’s the Patafa itself and the issues raised against him in the investigation that was conducted was because of certain money matters. Wala ‘yung harassment doon,” said Juico.

With all the arguments cited by Juico, he doubted and highly opposed the validity of the decision of POC.

“We will contest that. We will go all away to wherever we need to go,” said Juico.