NCAA chairman Fr. Vic Calvo affirmed that the league's house rule on transferees remains the same despite the calendar changes, where new players will have to sit out in their own respective schools for one Academic Year to absorb residency.

/ 8 December 2020

Under the standing rule of the grand old league, newcomers will only be eligible to play or receive travel expenses from the new school, if they have satisfied the one-year residency-rule. Unless the said player qualifies for a transfer exception or waiver.

Ganoon pa rin. They have to be enrolled for academic year to serve yung residency nila before they can play, regardless kung kailan tayo magsimula,” Calvo, who is also the Letran’s representative to the board, propounded.

However, the residency-rule may differ from school to school policy wherein three terms for St. Benilde, and four for Mapua, to be able to serve residency.

NCAA is batting to start Season 96 in the second quarter of 2021. Where ex-tigers Rhenz Abando, Brent Paraiso, and Ira Bataller who transferred in Letran last September can man the Knights if the season begins beyond May.

If that’s the case then, the greatest rival of Letran, San Beda will also have ex-bulldog Gallego to help gun the team for the next season as by that time, who is about to finish the residency-rule.

Moreover, the same rule also batted for Ivan Santos, Jopet Soriano, and Marlon Navarro, former Technological Institute of the Philippines players who transferred to Mapua; Carlo Abadeza, from San Beda and La Salle to Lyceum; Jun Asuncion, from UST to Mapua; and Shawn Umali, from Letran to Lyceum.

On the other hand, players who transferred back in 2019 up to earlier this year will have nothing to worry for there’s no doubt that they are eligible to play in the coming NCAA season. Such players were, Will Gozum of St. Benilde, and Joseph Brutas, Jeremiah Pangalangan of Letran.

As to date, the league is still hopeful to reopen the season in April 2021 as the earliest date and still continuing to weigh the cons and pros of staging school-based, sport-specific bubbles.

NCAA schools will have to battle for the crown with only 4 sports on the list; basketball, volleyball, swimming, and track and field.