The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Operating Committee has decided to fine Omega Esports and Nexplay Evos due to 'bad display of professionalism.'

/ 13 October 2021

In a statement on social media on Tuesday night, the committee said that both teams broke rules in line with the game’s competitive integrity and professional manner.

This came after both teams went off with the usual route of the games and decided to seemingly go troll the games.

One proof of this was NXPE’s decision to equip their heroes with five flame shot spells in the first game.

“We want to reinforce that competitive integrity is one of our core values as a league. Any team or player is subject to the rulebook and guidelines as stipulated within, and they must take full ownership and accountability of what they’ve done,” MPL Philippines said on Facebook.

“We will continuously strive towards becoming one of, if not the best, MOBA esports leagues and we will not let these incidents dampen the joy of competing,” it added.

Both teams are also fined to pay $3000 each and were sent a ‘serious warning.’

The players involved in the incident are also removed to be a recipient of MPL Season 8’s personal awards selection.

Meanwhile, a separate $500 fine to NXPE’s Setsuna ‘Dogie’ Ignacio was also issued for making a cutthroat pose during the series.