Philippine Sports Commissioner (PSC) Ramon Fernandez aka “El Presidente” commended Kai Sotto’s decision to go back to the US and train.

/ 14 April 2021

Ang masasabi ko lang, tama ‘yung ginawa niya na nagpunta siya sa States and doon siya magte-training and all that,” Fernandez shared on Tuesday’s Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Forum.

The 18-year-old NBA prospect opted to play for Gilas in February rather than rallying with Ignite Team, but things didn’t go as planned as FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers has been cancelled and when the time he got to be back in the US, Sotto was barred to play due to the US’ COVID-19 protocols.

Nonetheless, the cager didn’t falter and still trained under the upkeep of the professional basketball trainer Stanley Remy who believed that the ‘sky’s the limit’ for Sotto.

Tama ‘yung ginawa niya. He should look for the highest level of competition abroad, and he can only find that in the States or in Europe, especially now that he’s in growing years” Fernandes affirmed on Sotto’s decision between the US and Philippines.

“How old is he, 19, 18? It’s just right because when I was 18 also, I would have wanted to go to the States and train but it didn’t happen,” he added.

And despite some setbacks in the career of the 18-year-old gunner, the four-time PBA MVP El Presidente firmly believed in Sotto’s basketball chosen path.

“So he’s doing the right thing,” he concluded.