/ 31 August 2022

SENATOR Sherwin Gatchalian filed a bill that aims to declare November national reading month.

Gatchalian said that Senate Bill 475 or the proposed National Reading Month Act will inculcate the culture of reading among students.

The bill aims to develop the habit of reading among basic education learners.

The measure mandates the Department of Education to adopt policies and formulate strategic initiatives that foster reading not only for information and entertainment, but for the purpose of equipping learners with knowledge, skills, and character that will prepare them for policy-making, nation-building and other means of contributing to economic, social and cultural development.

Based on the bill, the National Reading Month. will be celebrated through the conduct of nationwide reading programs and activities.

All purchases of any reading material, whether in traditional, digital or audio format, made in the month of November shall be discounted at a rate not lower than 20 percent of the regular price.