Kai Sotto creates bonds with fellow Filipino EWP trainees

Being trainees under the East-West Private (EWP) umbrella, Kai Sotto has taken on the responsibility of being a role model Sage Tolentino can look up to.

/ 6 October 2020

Sotto and Tolentino, both being teen towers standing 7-foot-2 and 7-foot respectively, are bound to have a close relationship as they found themselves having to deal with the same challenges.

Gifted with a height rare for Filipinos, a high set of expectations are placed on these basketball stars.

Being two years older, Sotto is making sure to guide the younger prodigy during their workout in the US.

“I see myself in him when I was 16 years old and I try my best to outplay him and outwork him every workout so he knows how he can be at 18 years old,” the prodigy shared.

Aside from Tolentino, Cholo Anonuevo who also trained under EWP’s camp shared the same close bond with Sotto as they share the same Filipino lineage.

“I think we with Sage and Cholo have a great relationship together,” Sotto said. 

“If you have Filipino blood, it’s always easy to relate and to be around people so that’s just a blessing to be one of the Filipinos,” he added.

The 18-year-old is moving steadily with his basketball career and is now NBA G League-bound preparing for their debut season.

“Sage and Cholo joining me was a big thing for me. They told me that they really wanna be here, to follow my path,” said Sotto of his two stablemates.