Coach Alen Stajcic of PH women’s football team said that the squad needs to elevate their potential by competing more with international competitors to have a chance in the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023.

/ 11 February 2022

After competing in the AFC Women’s Asian Cup 2022, the Philippine women’s national football team made history by being given the opportunity to play in the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

However, coach Stajcic stated that it is insufficient since competing in the World Cup demands much more than what they have done thus far.

“We need more players to compete for spots, and that will really push the team to a new level. And, that internal rivalry within any elite team, are really the things that drive any good sporting team to the heights that they reach,” coach Stajcic said in a recent press conference.

While recognizing the team’s accomplishments, coach Stajcic cannot ignore the arduous journey ahead of them, but he assures them that they are trying their best to ‘evaluate.’

“Of course, it’s a momentous achievement, but now we really have to capitalize on this moment and ensure that the team really shines in 18 months’ time,”

“Now, we really just gotta sit back and evaluate, and see where we’re at, and really, honestly see where we’re at,” Stajcic said in a recent press conference. “It’s no time to sit back and pat ourselves on the back,” he said.

In order for the PH women’s football team to be on the same level as others in the World Cup, coach Stajcic believed that they need ‘more competitions’.

“Just because those 25 (players) were the ones that procured that special moment and that special place in history, and got the team to the World Cup, it doesn’t mean that they will be at the World Cup,” he warned.

“The more competitions there is for spots within the group, the better the team is gonna be moving into the future,” he said.

Finalizing the players would also take time, according to PFF secretary-general Atty. Ed Gastanes 100 of them are being considered.

“Ang full list namin is about 100. Some of them are playing professionally in the US and in Europe. So, mahaba, malalim ang ating roster,”

Mahaba ang ating listahan ng possible na Filipino players” he said.