/ 15 April 2021

DESPITE the devastating blows the Covid19 pandemic dealt on businesses around the world, some industries, especially in technology, have recorded significant growth during the health crisis.

Businesses, from small startups to big corporations, took their enterprises into the digital world to adapt and survive.

This led to a higher demand for more web developers and tech professionals.

Companies involved in the software industry are saying that only 55 percent of the computing talent demand is being met.

This deficit is expected to increase in the next few years unless more people are trained in the field of computing and web development.

In the Philippines, there are over 12,000 IT- related jobs available as of March 2021, data from revealed.

In a recent webinar conducted by iACADEMY, Web Development expert and iACADEMY’s Web Development Program Chair Bennett Tanyag said that tech-related jobs significantly increased during the pandemic.

“Despite the effects of the pandemic, the need for computing jobs have increased tremendously. This is because of the need of businesses to digitize their services and put them on the internet to survive. Businesses with strong internet presence and optimal overall user experience in their websites are the ones that have flourished during this crisis,” Tanyag said.

Because of this, iACADEMY is promoting its Web Development Program which has a 96 percent placement rate.

It also boasts of its roster of professors who are not only educators but also industry practitioners.

It has state of the art facilities, and importantly, iACADEMY gives premium to real world applications of theories learned in the classroom.

“iACADEMY will continue to uphold its character of being different, bold, and game changing through the web development program. Ready to bring out to the world only the bravest, smartest, and most significant gifted students that will answer to the needs of the world for tech professionals and web developers,” said iACADEMY’s School of Computing Dean Mitch Andaya.

iACADEMY’s School of Computing has been chosen as the education partners of Amazon Web Services, Unity, Linux Professional Institute, and Python Institute.