Philippine Azkals is more ready than ever for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 after the last five years of being in the semifinals and reaching far more than that with Naturalized Filipino striker Bienvenido Marañon backing up the team.

/ 3 December 2021

“We will try to give our 200% every single game,” said Marañon.

“We are not fighting for a team, we are fighting for the country. We are representing the country, and now it’s a different story.”

Marañon vowed to do his best for the team, not for the promise of scoring but for the solitude of working hard to get a goal.

“What I can offer to them, what I can do, is train hard, try to do my best. Of course, I cannot promise I will score goals. I promise them, work hard, and the goal will come.”

The Cup was rescheduled to finish in 2021 starting from December 5 to January 1 in which Azkals’ final group match will be on December 18 facing Myanmar.

Given that the Azkals will secure the top 2 in Pool A, the team will be staying there until Christmas and likely to miss the New Year celebration with their families if they snatch the first and second leg.

Nevertheless, Marañon affirmed that the team is still positive about it.

“Christmas is every year. Playing with the Azkals, it’s not every year.”

Coach Scott Cooper, on the other hand, shared that they will make sure to make it count.

“..I’m a big Christmas fan and New Year. I like being around with family. If you are going to be away from them at that time, then make it count. That’s what I say. Let’s try to give everybody an extra Christmas present and enjoy ourselves,” said Cooper.