Fast Break


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Shoyo Hinata

/ 25 October 2020

Last October 4 the first episode of Haikyuu!! Season 5 was released, the fandom of this anime went wild as one of the most awaited scenes in the manga started to materialize in action.

Definitely, Haikyuu!! gave us something we did not expect coming. It pierced the heart and soul of those who waited so long to see the little giant in action. It was supposed to be just a sports anime but for many, it’s more than that.

It teaches us that dreaming is believing. That no one can dictate who you can be. 

It’s all about a high school men’s volleyball team and how they progress on their skills and pass through their own weaknesses by facing many powerhouse teams. 

This is not a mediocre setting that focuses on a single or few protagonists rather it shows the character development by not outshining the other supporting characters. 

There are many moments in the course of Haikyuu!! that is memorable and got us hyped-up. But, what makes it more interesting and special is the perseverance of every player in the anime.

Since every player has its own spotlight, it will be hard to choose who to go crazy for. Nonetheless, why not just all of them?

Hinata and Kageyama’s tandem

Ever since that first episode of Season 1, we all thought that Hinata and Kageyama are rivals that they would go on separate journeys and teams, then would face each other afterward. However, they got into the same school (Karasuno) where they got to trust and believe in each other. 

With his charisma and passion for volleyball, Hinata has inspired a lot of aspiring athletes. Despite lacking in height, Hinata has proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. This little giant was known for his quick reflexes and high jumps, you’ll be astonished at how he is able to improve his tactics in the court, especially when he decided to learn how to spike without the help of Kageyama’s speedy sets. From relying on speed to developing an amazing court awareness—his character development is just simply amazing. 

On the flip side, Kageyama is a natural-born genius,  he made the impossible possible. But with bad communication, what’s the use of his amazing skills when after all volleyball is all about teamwork. 

Still, with the help of everyone in Karasuno, Kageyama was able to improve his team play. And despite being a vital clog in Karasuno’s success it is evident that it’s his teammates that made him such a great athlete and not the other way around.

With their strong chemistry on the court, one can’t help but wonder; who will be my Hinata that can keep up with who I am? Or who will be my Kageyama that can give what I desire?

Tsukishima and Tadashi

These two characters are one of the personalities to look for. 

Tsukishima with his glasses and grumpiness lies his passion and love for volleyball. It is still a shiver to recall the moment when he got to ‘read block’ the enemy’s Ace, Ushijima of Shiratorizawa, during the championship game of Season 4. You better watch this episode as I do not want to ponder you more spoilers. 

This enigmatic character has proven us that passion is not something you are born with rather it is something you learn and when you get to have that defining moment it would affect you for the rest of your life.

While Tadashi’s perseverance to contribute to the team will leave you in awe. especially in Season 5, Episode 1. You will get to see his phases in overcoming his foreboding in serving. From practicing on streets with a plastic bag to serving back-to-back aces in Season 5, Episode 3. 

We all have that Tadashi in us where we were overshadowed by such amazing talents but still perseveres to be recognized. Tadashi is the epitome that everyone in a team can contribute in their own way.

The seniors of Karasuno

Karasuno has a bunch of seniors who chose to stay and play for one more year. You see, their passion for volleyball will make you love them even more. They’ve shown us that there is always room for improvement despite all the experience they have.

Especially for Asahi, as the ace he made sure that even with Hinata and Kageyama on the court, no one can steal his position.  He unleashes a lot of new skills such as his jump serve and cross-court spikes. Moreover, he was able to master his ball-handling, where to land, and spike the ball.

As you can see these seniors have their own unique skills and specialty on the court. However, you can look forward to Tanaka being average. 

Why? Because most of us believed that we are only average people, that we don’t have something flashy to be proud of just like Hinata’s high jump, Kageyama’s on point set, or Nishinooya’s god-tier receive—we can’t all be geniuses after all.

Despite being average, Tanaka still believed in himself and did not let other people bring him down. Tanaka taught us that believing in yourself is the most important skill you can have. Check it out on Season 5, Episode 3 where he crushed down all those deadly and judgmental gazes with his cross-court first line ender for the first set.

Nishinoya “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity”

“Rolling thunder!” Who would have forgotten that scene? Probably no one. His fast reflexes are the ones you need to look for such as his foot save-receive during episode 18, Season 1 that saved everyone in Karasuno against Dateko. As well as his god-tier receive against Shiratorizawa of Episode 9 Season 3. Watch it to prove why Nishinoya was branded as Karasuno’s Guardian Deity.

Toru Oikawa of Aoba Johsai

“Talent is something you make bloom, instinct is something you polish.” – Tooru Oikawa. 

Oikawa and his team, Aoba Johsai, beat the hell out of Karasuno. He has the eye of seeing where Karasuno lacks. He was also one of the reasons why Kageyama trusts Hinata on spiking the ball with his eyes open after Season 2. Moreover, his wisdom and ideology will leave you dumbfounded as he is a man with big brains.

Oikawa embodies the perseverance of every athlete. He showed that everyone has a talent inside of them and that with hard work and determination you can achieve all your dreams. 

Bokuto of Fukurodani Academy

Bokuto is one of the top 5 aces in Haikyuu!! But what makes him unique is that his strength comes from his teammates. Whereas, Fukurodani is the ideal team we all want, a team that lifts you up and carries you when you’re struggling.

Bokuto’s character development is such a joy to watch, in the latest season he was able to show his true strength without relying on his teammates. This kind of growth is something we all want to achieve—to be a person your friends can rely on is truly a feat.

These are just a few characters who you can look forward to. Haikyuu is not only a sports anime dedicated to volleyball lovers rather it’s more than that. Whether you’re a player or not or if you’re a fan or not, Haikyuu is something you can enjoy watching whatever your lifestyle is. 

After all, this may be a sports anime but it puts emphasis on how you can defeat and conquers your demons. Yes, winning is a great feeling, however, overcoming failures and insecurities is a hundredfold better.