Student Vox


/ 2 December 2020

“What is the best contribution of the youth for enhancement of the Philippines?” One of the questions that my professor asked in our subject, Philippine Politics and Governance. Some of my classmates raised their answers by “following the rules”, “pay taxes”, and “studying hard”. But what struck me the most was the concise answer, voting.

On October 16, under the IATF Resolution No. 79, it has reported that they will alleviate the quarantine protocols. Ages of 15-65 years old are allowed to go out of their houses under the MGCQ (Modified General Community Quarantine) and GCQ (General Community Quarantine) areas. Besides, it has also been reported that COMELEC (Commission of Election) will entertain the people to apply and register a voter’s I.D. for the upcoming elections on the ninth of May in 2022.

In that sense, it has been a piece of great news for the aspiring young Filipino voters to register for the upcoming elections, but why is it important to understand the core of voting?  Well for us to deeply appreciate the beauty of voting, it simply exercises our power as a unit. There is nothing greater than the strength of the people itself. It is the responsibility of the citizens to vote because it helps us to support and choose the representative that we want to rule for our country. But we must remember that voting is not for all people. Voting is not mandatory; the law does not require it for some citizens.

The Philippines is a democratic country.

Filipino youth nowadays are alert to anything that surrounds them. They are capable of being knowledgeable in the field of understanding politics by uplifting their opinions through social media including, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. Their strong statements and judgment enable them to communicate and voice out on the internet for the people to be alert in what is happening inside their domes. The power is in our hands, it is for us to control it and use it for the improvement of our system.

The young voters are significant for the continuance of our democracy. This is an opportunity for us to not partake in any mistakes in the past, we are here to reform for the betterment of our country.