Student Vox


/ 27 January 2021

I certainly believe that the strong-minded youth have launched a greater impact of movements to where it is today and beyond. As someone who is more than willing to engage, this generation has some of the most prominent advocates and massive activists for change. It is not just about rallying to show that we are making a difference to certain communities but also for the country.

During these difficult times, a tsunami of activism has added purpose to the role of the youth in protests, rallies, and campaigns that go beyond the campus. This year has really been a tough memoir to embrace in more ways than one. The violence, pandemic, political turmoil, deprivation of basic human rights, political corruption, abuse of power, unending impunity, and everything in between.

A decade on, it was all about realizations, it seems youths are once again realizing that we will pay for other injustices if we let these authorities take away our Freedom Day-by-day, and I believe that as a youth, it is our obligation to amplify concerns, our role is to make changes – particularly with incompetence, poor governance, and inequality.

When I stood up to speak, I couldn’t deny the fact that I could see different eyes being cast on me, but somehow, today is a very specific moment in time where young people were at the forefront and I guess it is something to be proud of, there’s this sense of generational objective, and that is to know where to hold accountability when things seem become undeniably wrong.

Some of my friends and either family thought I was maybe too young to start in terms of caring too much about these societal issues, and too heavily involved. But in my part, I believe that the younger you are, the better it is to get involved. The youth of this generation has put in the amount of effort not only to promote and uphold awareness, but rather to also educate ourselves about certain issues at hand, it might be something risky, but I know it is the right thing to do.

For some, these paradoxes that we are facing right now might not affect us rapidly, but it can still enable unwanted consequences if we do not make a move.  Truth be told, our deep-disappointment with government, administration, and the current state left us more eager to traverse the non-traditional methods of affecting political, social, economics, and many more.

It is always young people that had the audacity to complain, to be critical, and to challenge some of the greatest issues in our state. But It is also young people that championed equality and justice, and so, it is important that the contribution of youth-activism should not only be acknowledged but be admired.

Despite the seeming injustices that arose and the groundless killings of our fellow Filipinos against people at the high table, let us choose to speak and grapple with the rights that we deserve. Educating others and building a better understanding is the key to guiding a movement towards success.