Student Vox


/ 15 October 2020

Known in YouTube as “Pinoy Architect Reacts”, Llyan Oliver Austria released his most recent video on October 11, 2020, with title, “HINDI KO AKALAING MAKAKAKUHA AKO NITO!!!”. This video showed that he had finally reached two content creator milestones, which included the Silver Play Button and the Golden Play Button. Kudos to Archt. Llyan for his YouTube victory!

In just two months, Architect Llyan’s “big brain” has captured the Filipino audience in YouTube, anticipating his weekly content, which most of the time consists of reacting to houses of celebrities and influencers. This led to his success in reaching more than 1 million subscribers in such a short span of time. Apart from his usual reaction videos, sprinkled with witty “tito jokes” from time to time, people keep coming back to his channel because of one important thing: he inspires his viewers.

Comments on his most recent video show the people’s reception about the young architect’s success and influence.

“When professionals talk passionately about their profession and educate people about it, they deserve all the success they get like Sir Oliver,” said Marie, in the comments section.

Architect Llyan not only reacts. He also educates. This made people watch his videos and subscribe to his channel because somehow, they also learn basic information about architectural design.

And it doesn’t stop here. Architect Llyan is a passionate content creator as seen from the quality of videos that he posts. His camera tricks and video editing skills are phenomenal and this is likewise attested to by his followers. This only means that he exerts effort in what he does to provide quality content to his viewers.

Beejay Juan noted, “He’s an architect. Hindi pwede sa kanya yung “pwede na yan”. Well-versed in editing videos. Very keen on details. Very articulate.” This only proves that fans and subscribers get hooked by Llyan’s videos because he gets the job done: To create content, execute good visual storytelling and educate us with his ideas.

Architect Llyan is an inspiration. Your fans, including myself, look forward to more of your feel-good contents, which motivate us to reach for our goals. Using Architect Llyan’s famous line, hanggang sa susunod na kabanata, mga bata. Flying peace!