Letters of Youth


/ 28 January 2022

It was just one fine day in the town
When everything turned upside down
The one you once trust had done an act
An immoral act that created an impact

On the day, everyone did not expect
He treated you like an object
And ruining your childhood innocence
Taking advantage of your impotence

They say, just let it go
But how could you just let that go
When fear now lives on you
And your trust is now on blew

You’re just in your preteen, my dear
Imagine the trauma to your life, will interfere
But why do some, still want to let that go
Have they thought of its effect on you?

Your cries and dazes prove its impacts and aches
So why would they say it’s just simple mistakes
Such obscene actions are indeed outrageous
That’s unforgivable and also vexatious

Someone needs to cut his horns
Before it would be worse for the next victims
Just let carping people’s opinions be
For you and the others, most deserve the justice