Letters of Youth


/ 22 September 2021

To my Gr. 6 self,

If this letter could travel back in time, I hope that you could read this. I know that you are struggling right now to finish your final level of elementary education. You are experiencing lots of academic pressure and even social pressure to the point that you have the same level of stress as the adults. But recently, you have learned the fact that you have been diagnosed with a condition that is unheard of in your family and relatives: bipolar disorder.

I know you are confused about what bipolar disorder is. I mean, you are even confused regarding why you and your parents regularly go to the psychiatrist. In fact, you couldn’t even open up even a single word to your psychiatrist regarding your current experience not just at your home but also at school.

Since your parents fear for the stigma attached to your condition, they somehow told you not to disclose your condition to anyone whether it be your classmates or your teachers. But even then, you couldn’t disclose it not only because of the advice of your parents but because you are instead focusing on being resilient while dealing with academic and social pressure.

I know you are struggling right now because of these issues that you are currently facing despite that you are too young to understand this. In fact, you are doubting whether you could finish your elementary education despite having such conditions.

I hate to admit this but in my case, I once doubted myself if I could finish my junior high school and senior high school education despite that aside from being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder before I entered senior high school. But nevertheless, I made it to the finish line of the basic education level since not only I fully accepted and understood my condition but because I’m free to open up my struggles to the person whom I trust, thereby controlling my emotions.

I know that you are confused right now but the point is, you have to go with the flow. Just focus on reaching your current goal which is to finish your elementary education. And sooner or later, you could finally accept and manage your condition.

I hope that you would still continue your future endeavors just like what I did.

Thank you.


Your freshman college self