Letters of Youth


/ 4 September 2020

With the thick paint on canvas, imbedded a clear and visible texture of each brush stroke. The hills near the sky, the little village lies at the base in shade brown, grays, and blues. For the sky, they swirl, lay the yellow and white of the stars, the moon stands out, all eyes to the sky. On the cypress tree, they bend with the curve of the branches. That was how Van Gogh painted the ethereal and dreamlike masterpiece called “Starry Night”.

While you, a self-unvalued person, living behind the artist’s unbridled imagination, every day looking at the night full of stars, eyes filled with astonishment, wishing to be as bright as stars. Like how Van Gogh spends his hours looking up at heaven and appreciating the stars, you also want to recognize your full worth. Sadly, no more Van Gogh is living who sees all luminous and twinkling points in the sky as a work of outstanding artistry.

Why not look down, for a while stop appreciating the stars, thus start recognizing yourself?

You hold complete attention to the lustering ethereal beauty of the sky as though as magic, without knowing that the stars are looking down at you, waiting for you to begin believing in your own. And that’s how you’ll make yourself shine in your own way that would seem too perfect for this world.

Now, you don’t know anything about yourself, but next time, looking at the stars makes you see your worth.