Letters of Youth


/ 11 April 2022


The wind blows and everything turns,
Yet this feeling I have in me burns
I’m sad and angry at the same time,
For I know that our hearts will never rhyme

The day we picked a climbing rose, you gave me its thorn,
The week I got wounded by you, you laughed until I was torn
The month I avoided you, you seemed so unaware
The year I finally said goodbye, you acted like you didn’t care

You are like that of a wild beast,
You always set up a disappointing selfish feast
So selfish that it could never turn you into someone selfless,
From here, I know I love you in a greater less rather endless

Hurting me and loving you will put me in a huge relapse
Yet it felt so good to break a promise that would fill in the gaps
I tried to look for you at the place you’re fond of, but you weren’t there
You tried to look for me at my favorite place, but I was no longer there

You have been so assertive that I would always go back
Yet seeing someone’s worth is what you most lack
So, I chose the path that you least expect
Now, all you need to do in a life without me is reflect