Letters of Youth


/ 2 May 2021

“A Plea” by Pamela Ajayi evokes sorrow encapsulated in a tunnel, constantly trying to reach its end to once more clutch light and finally revert what once was—the bliss of being valued as something esteemed. This is analogous to the reality being faced by the world’s communities with regards to their environments. By the day, our surroundings continue to deteriorate without even making amends of our consciousness.

The Philippines, my motherland, has always been consecrated with plenty of natural resources and has been lauded ever since for its vast beauty composed of innate attractions. This apparent verity has been instilled into the minds of every Filipino youth from the day they stepped in their first class. It was enunciated, clearly at that, that merely pitching a seed from your local fruit would eventually lead to the growth of a new plant incontinently.

However, as time progresses, this truth slowly fades and begins to deform itself. The effects of climate change are especially evident in tropical countries such as the Philippines. It mainly augments natural parameters such as sea levels, weather events, and rainfall. This in turn creates a direct impact on society by affecting production in agriculture, access to water, natural ecosystems, the efficiency of human activities, and eventually, human health.

I believe “A Plea” is truly a grim reminder of how nature has been taken for granted by, not only my countrymen but the entire world. We should begin by accepting that the problem is real and needs to be addressed. Nations need to come together, develop appropriate policies, and align their priorities towards saving what is dear to us all—-our world.

Let us answer the plea of mother nature and redeem ourselves as the stewards of this Earth!

In the end, it is for the common good.