Letters of Youth


/ 14 February 2021

Whenever I pass by that place, the memories we left there make me smile. There are flashbacks as if everything just happened yesterday. It was vividly clear – that coffee shop, the place my heart cherished the most.

Coffee really makes my day. It keeps me sane. And so, one sunny day, I decided to go the nearest coffee shop to unwind myself from the stressful day of studying – nursing really gives me chills.

Anyway, the shop was packed with people because it was Valentine’s day. I had no choice but to share table with this man. He was charming. His eyes were dreamy and it captivated me.

As I enjoyed each sip of my iced americano coffee, we exchanged names and did a little chitchat. I learned that he was a PMA student on vacation and that his family owns the coffee shop.

Days passed and I became busy with studying. But every time I had the chance, I would drop by the coffee shop hoping to see him, but he wasn’t there.

One day, I was about to give out my usual order in the counter of the coffee shop when I suddenly bumped into him. He offered to accompany me to the library where I was going to study that day. He thereafter walked me home. He was doing the hatid-sundo for a week. He was really sweet and caring, not to mention, decent and well-mannered. Until one day, he finally asked for my number.

We’ve been exchanging good mornings and good nights every day. It was like butterflies in my stomach whenever we would exchange messages. Then I became busy at school again. Exam week was approaching. I had to study harder.

Two weeks had passed and the exams are finally over. It was only him I could think of after and so I was so excited to visit him at the coffee shop.

He was not there.

I tried to reach him but my efforts weren’t enough.

I never saw him again.

Now, I frown whenever I pass by the coffee shop. It brings me back to the moment when I first saw him, where my heart was played by cupid and I could not survive his playful arrow ever since. The apple of my eye, seeing him would complete my day. The thought of conversing with him makes me want to know him more and more.

I will hold on to the words you left that day. Those simple but beautiful words you wrote in the cup of my coffee: “You made my day. ‘Til we meet again, Mandy”.