Letters of Youth


/ 20 June 2021

Like a sparkling star you brightly shine

A northern star always to guide me under the nightsky

My bravest and loving father with a radiant smile

To you, I’ll wrote my most beautiful poem of all time.


You are my best everything

For us, you’ll do anything

Thank you for the care and love you bring

Truly you are the standard of a man I’ll becoming.


My father, thank you for your sacrifices

All the problems that you silently fight

The pain you endure to be apart from us

Just to give the things we need in everyday life.


To our hero, to my number one

Second to no one, our very own superman

I hope that today you’ll only feel happiness

Because tomorrow, together we’ll face all the challenges.


Without you, there is no I

To you, I owe a debt of a lifetime

The most beautiful poem of my prime

To infinity and beyond,

I love you 3000.

Love, Julius. Your loving son.