Letters of Youth


/ 9 February 2022

I creep myself into the corners of my room
Closing everything to make it finally in gloom
I put on my earphones and there, I cling
Trying to ensure that I wouldn’t hear a thing

I then ask myself, when would this stop?
If I’d kill myself, would everything drop?
But the angel in me, continues to top
And fights the devil thinker in the pop

I’ve got full sched and piles of activities
I want it done so please, leave my proximities
But these entire thoughts still bother my mind
Please make them leave me behind

The sun’s setting but the noise’s still there
It’s still loud and punching everywhere
I wish this would end at the very soon
For me to continue and not to swoon

Can you please, just let me be?
Leave my mind and not pressure me?
I had enough but I just hide
I smile outside but it’s too loud inside.