Letters of Youth


/ 16 September 2020

Online class is now one of the new normal, which means your eyes are more prone to complications. You think it’s something not to worry about that much, well think again. I’m Diane, 21 years old and I’m guilty of neglecting my mom’s warning on resting my eyes after a long run of a movie marathon.

I have an eye grade -3.00, which means I’m nearsighted and I can barely read nor recognize anything 12 inches apart from me. My years of experience with or without my reading glass reminds me of how I completely regret the time I act irresponsibly to my wellbeing.  So, I’m here to give you some advice on how you can take care of that 20/20 vision on your journey to learning.

  1. Wear computer eyeglass or blue light eyeglass.

Sounds like for “maarte” only but I’m serious about this. Wearing this kind of glasses reduces eye strain, headaches, blurred visions, red or dry eyes, double vision, dizziness, and sleep disruption.

  1. Your viewing distance from your computer or phone should be 20-40 inches.

This rule applies to almost every work involving computers, why? It is because the improper distance of the device from your vision can make you uncomfortable, resulting in your probable eyestrain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, posture issues, and many more.

  1. Take breaks from viewing devices.

Yes, we all get tired, so as our eyes.  The cure for that is a quick break. Take some time off from your devices, look outside, or take some nap to rest your eyes.

  1. Expose yourself to natural light.

When I said natural light, don’t look directly at the sun. What I mean is the calm light that it gives off. This is somehow helpful to us in general as it helps our eyes to adjust to the extreme light it took from the device. However, it has different advantages and disadvantages in exposing your eyes to natural light in terms of age. 

  1. Don’t wash your face or wet your eyes.

Again, your eyes need to rest too. Take at least 15 minutes of break before getting your eyes into battle. If you can’t resist your oily face anymore just pat it with a tissue paper for now until you have that enough rest, then you can wash your face. 

  1. Avoid using digital devices before bedtime.

Let your eyes know its rest time. Taking the night scrolling through your screen does not only harm your vision but messes up your circadian rhythm. This rhythm is responsible for the light and dark, like the feeling of being energized at day while feeling tired at night.

Remember that neglecting these pieces of advice might lead you to wear thick eyeglasses that are annoying and hassle when drinking hot and cold drinks, lay while watching, swimming, and accidentally bumping your eyeglass into something while wearing it, ouch!

That’s it! let’s see what you can do.