Letters of Youth


/ 6 September 2021

Have you ever been hurt and cheated on?

In the past few months, social media has been bombarded with issues pressing on shattered romantic partners. People frequently claim that we live in a world where nothing is perfect, but the real thing is we live unaware of the fact that everything is imperfectly perfect.

Cheating is not okay. It will never be okay. 

It is, nonetheless, acceptable to be upset over something that isn’t right. Let me ask you this: “Should you break up with your lover right away if they cheat on you?” Some people would answer YES, while others would say NO.

A blunder is a blunder. People have differing viewpoints, but each of us make our own decisions.

When confronted with such, the first step is to assess the issue, because when you start a romantic relationship, you must be aware that anything might happen.

If your lover sends you signals that he wants to rebuild your relationship despite his wrongdoing, reconsider; but, if you believe you’ve been blasted with excuses and he keeps repeating it, don’t be deceived.

Yes, we should give chances, but we should also set our own boundaries. I’ve heard a lot of stories about YouTube vloggers, celebrities, and other public figures who have gone through similar experiences. I’ve seen public comments that occasionally criticize their decision to break up, and others who reject their decision to reconcile. Why should you dictate them if you have no idea about what happened and without even knowing them personally? 

It’s as if you’re just putting more strain on a stranger who already carries a lot of it.

To everyone who became the cause of such a relationship’s demise, are you happy? Some of them were already married, engaged or in a decade-long relationship while others had children. Then you’d go out proudly proclaiming, “I found real love,” even though he was plainly adored by someone else before you entered. Was it pure love or temptation that drew you in?


To all the ladies and gentlemen reading this, I did not say that you are not allowed to love because everyone is free to love, but you should be aware of the repercussions before making such decisions. Is it advantageous to the both of you? Or is it because you are the one who has a sexual desire? Then after that, you’ll place them in a precarious situation. What can you say about this? 

What would you say to a child who misses his mother or father? That you’re sorry because you couldn’t control yourself and did it for the fun of it? You took away a child’s right to be cherished and nurtured by their parents. If dignity isn’t in your lexicon, you’d better have conscience.

Out of cheating, a lot of people would say that it isn’t their fault since they’re under the influence of alcohol. This is a BIG NO. NEVER BELIEVE THAT. Even if a person is drunk, he is aware of everything that he does. 

Another reason went famous, and it goes like this, “You no longer give me pleasure. You’re unable to fulfill your duties as my lover.”

You’re stupid if you’d believe that because it is obvious that people do not enter relationships just because of sexual needs, they do it out of unconditional love and this is something everyone must be aware of. 

We love not to play but to make something beautiful out of a million dismay.