Letters of Youth


/ 10 August 2021

You are like no other
I want to be your lover
I don’t want to be your friend
But I think this has to end

I don’t want this to be over
Yet I can’t stay with you forever
Day by day, my feelings has grown bigger
Will I still be able to love another?

To see me as I am, you were numb
To love you as you are, I was dumb
I always pretend like nothing is wrong
But with you, where do I belong?

I don’t know how to tell this to you
Don’t even know the right words to keep you
You aren’t blind, but you cannot see
The way I love you relentlessly

Be it as it may yet I’m hoping each day
That you’ll find love in me someday
But with my wish not granted,
I’m proud it’s you whom I loved and wanted