Letters of Youth


/ 20 June 2021

Under everyone else’s roof, a father is absolutely the masterpiece.

You may later on ask me questions like, ‘“Did you just say that because of patriarchal traditions people were used to having since they existed?”, “Are men really the masterpiece of the house?”, “Is there even equality behind that?”’

Of course, it isn’t that simple. I never said that they could never be able to be a woman. Traditions age in lockstep with the rest of the world. We were raised to believe that only men had power and authority, disregarding the fact that women may be empowered and equipped enough to cope with issues men are incapable of.

The patriarchal structure, as it is well known, has long been prevalent in various cultures. However, without a parent who is a man, one cannot say that a family is incomplete. Men and women who stand as both the father and mother to their children nowadays are truly remarkable.

I grew up with my both parents and found out that my father and mother is very much alike, they both possessed the same qualities. It’s just that men might become complacent and overconfident at times since the world looks up to them as leaders, which triggers both pride and prejudice.

Few people understand what Father’s Day is all about as the rest of the planet celebrates it. Some say it’s just a day to celebrate with them having all the ice cream and cake across the table, some say it’s a day to also recognize the significance of masculinity, and yet others say it’s a day to show them how much we love and appreciate them. However, why is it really commemorated in the first place?

It is observed around the world to honor the sacrifices that they have made to be able to raise their children. The biggest word to describe it is COMMITMENT. Being a father makes you to commit to almost everything since you are responsible to do things necessary for living and the members of the family inclusive in it. After they portray their role as your parent, it will then be passed down to you. We are designed to be ready for the future and become parents.

Even if you decide not to marry or have no intention of becoming a parent, the virtues instilled in you by your parents will always be your greatest advantage, because the tasks and responsibilities of being one are the most difficult of all.

Let us remember, while we give our fathers banners and greeting cards, that we should be grateful not just to them, but also to the core of the family they have already constructed.

Only with parents, with fathers can we make houses a home.