The Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (Patafa) president Philip Juico denied that there’s pressure on Coach Vitaliy Petrov to conclude on the alleged non-payment of his coaching fees from Ej Obiena.

/ 4 December 2021

Chief Juico shared his say after the statement of coach Petrov of feeling ‘pressured to answer’ in a way that the federations wanted.

“What happened is, I have been directly approached by Philip Ella Juico and heavily questioned, alongside my former athlete Sergey Bubka, in a manner which confused me and I felt pressured to answer in a way that they wanted me to answer,” wrote Petrov. 

Nevertheless, Juico denied the same saying that there’s no physical contact with the both of them and had even different time zones

“How can Petrov be pressured, coerced, misled, or tricked by me or Patafa when we are not even in the same continent or time zones. Obiena is, on the other hand, with him probably 12 hours a day, every day up to Saturday,” Juico said. 

“How can I exercise any form of moral ascendancy over Petrov, when on the contrary, Patafa and I had expressed our thanks to him for training Obiena and accepting Obiena through a scholarship program I myself worked on together with Sergey Bubka,” he added.

The chief, in the end, pointed out that only coach Petrov ‘knows the truth’ and hinted that the coach is somehow, maybe being pushed by a sports group to make it look like Patafa is the bad guy.

“Petrov knows the truth. He knows and appreciated my help and even encouraged me to report his and Sergey Bubka’s statements to the Patafa board to help recover his unpaid fees. I promised him and Sergey I would help recover the missing fees because, as Sergey Bubka said, it was embarrassing to the Philippines.”