Letters of Youth


/ 13 January 2021

Have you noticed how hard it is to think if you are caught by the net of your thoughts? Have you already found a way not to drown in your own emotions?

Treena is a freshman student who’s banged up in her dormitory. At first, she was so happy because she knew she was safe. But unfortunately, her own thoughts put her in danger.

After her phone got broken, she wasn’t able to communicate with her family and friends. She just slept and slept. Though she has her daily devotion routine, she wasn’t able to escape from anxiety and sadness. She was longing for more.

Sometimes, she borrows a phone from the neighborhood and contacts her family. She also watches funny videos but still, ends up sad and crying. She continued to let herself drown from negative thoughts. She didn’t even eat meals. She just brings water to the room and locks herself in there. Treena badly wants to go home where she really needs relief.

According to nowadays researches, the feeling of anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness have grown persistent during the pandemic as the outbreak had kept many of us confined to our homes and separated from our families. True that many now are in a wavy situation and are having a hard time going with the flow.

Well, “What is depression like? It’s like drowning, except everyone around you is breathing.” This quote absolutely describes how terrifying is to be locked inside the inescapable trawl that made up of anxiety and sadness. It is hard winning a fight that others cannot see. You walk alone and judgment is all you can get.

See, we don’t know how people fight their own silent battles. In these hard moments, make sure to be vigilant in monitoring our family and friends because there are greater possibilities of having depression now. Always find a way to trace how he or she is doing and ask her if he or she is okay. Likewise, do not invalidate someone else’s sadness whatever your reasons are. We have different levels of tolerance and resilience, anyway.

Always breathe and clear your mind of negative ideas. Stop talking to people whom you think unhealthy to your mind. Please save yourself from drowning in the sea of your emotions.